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About The Founder

Founder Chandra Claybon

Chandra is a “Southern girl,” born in Tennessee and now residing in Georgia. She has a bachelor’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology with a minor in child psychology and a focus on the subject of originality.

Chandra’s greatest inspiration in starting the Originally You Foundation is her autistic son, whose challenges have inspired her to make change for him and other children who are different. Chandra’s experience cuts across the school system, both professionally and personally. Her son was bullied, so she knows the negative impact this can have on a child’s self-esteem. Over time, Chandra discovered that the combination of being original and having confidence in oneself has enormous effects on a child’s well-being.

Confidence in our own originality eliminates the effects of bullying and more. Chandra decided 4 years ago to dedicate her life to helping children find their originality and build confidence in themselves. This led to the establishment of the Originally You Foundation.

Our Vision

The Originally You Foundation

The Originally You Foundation (OYF) is a non-profit organization that helps build confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, and originality in kids and teens. OYF has created a unique 360 Integrated Approach to building a community of kids and teaching them how to accept entirely who they are. Our approach is built upon the involvement of every facet of a kid’s world—parents, schools, friends, resources, and activities. We believe it is essential to involve a wide range perspectives in order to provide the resources, workshops, roadshows, programs, and tools we use to develop kids’ positive images of themselves.

We want all kids to stay true to who they are. We focus on teaching them the skills necessary to block out negativity while showing them ways to harness their individuality so they can turn it into a life path.

Our goal at the Originally You Foundation is simple: to hear every child say with confidence “I am Me!”

Chandra Claybon


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April Curry

Secretary Director