Get Involved

Parent Involvement – We as parents are our kids’ first go-tos, and it is essential that we be a part of what they are doing. We at OYF need your assistance in helping your child be the best version of themselves. You can get involved by submitting questions or simply letting us know what you expect or need from us. You can get involved at our events, workshops, and roadshows. Parents can also get involved by bringing their child to an event. Click here to contact us.

Teacher/School Involvement – We all know that teachers and schools are a big part of a child’s life. We need teachers’ and schools’ help to ensure you have the necessary tools to stop bullying, peer pressure and suicide amongst our youth. Did you know there are more than 4,000 deaths a year due to suicide by kids and teens? We need your help to ensure schools are safe places for kids.

Community/Volunteer Involvement – We cannot do this without you, our community. We need your assistance in making sure our mission is served throughout the community. We want to provide a safe and fun environment for children. We need help from community volunteers at events, workshops and roadshows. Please click here to apply to be a volunteer.