Leadership Program

The actions of a leader can have significant impacts on those who follow them. Likewise, we view leadership, in a positive light, like the ability to follow along with those in charge, while demonstrating a good character. While good leaders can do a lot for their followers, we believe that it is essential for them to learn and obtain good leadership traits. Our leadership program offers excellent opportunities for children 12 to 18. It is designed to help build leaders and also help leaders stand out.

In the course of this program, your child gets to learn, first hand, the necessary tools it takes to be a leader while using their strengths to help others. Our leadership course spans over six weeks, with one day dedicated to training out of every seven (typically a Saturday). The course is free and connected to our senior/scholarship funding program.

Start by signing up. After you sign up, you will receive an email containing all the information needed to attend the course.

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Senior Year Funding

OYF recognizes the importance of assisting bright students in achieving their dreams. Our senior year funding program can help provide a great start and end to your child’s senior year by offering a helping hand for things like cap and gown, prom, and club fees. We believe this program will continue to build confidence in your child so they can focus on doing well now and in the future.

Selected students must have put in their best efforts and made impressive strides. Specific guidelines:

  1. Applicant must be in the 12th grade
  2. Applicant must obtain at least a 2.5 GPA
  3. Applicant must have maintained a clean disciplinary record for at least three consecutive years, both in and out of school
  4. Applicant must agree to complete our leadership program

Once all requirements are met, your child can proceed to apply for the senior year funding program, by clicking here!


Learning does not end in the classroom. We are committed to organizing a wide range of workshops for children. In the course of these workshops, we will invite notable individuals to come and share about the things that have contributed to their successful life journey. We believe these types of gatherings will not only motivate children, but also prevent them from giving up on the great destinies they are meant to fulfill. Our next workshop is close by, so be on the lookout!


OYF organizes periodic events geared to building children into the great men and women they are meant to be. Check out our upcoming events here!